3 Lessons Learned From My Startup Failure

Why You Should Learn From My Failure

Validate Your Hypothesis

Don’t Build an MVP, Build an MDP

Have a Strong Sales and Marketing Strategy

  1. If you’re not into sales, hire a proven salesperson or find a partner that can sell. Know your weaknesses and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Know your strengths, and delegate when needed.
  2. Know what sales process works best in your industry.
  3. Allocate a budget for sales.
  4. Hire an advisor in your startup industry; especially if you are not familiar with it (like I wasn’t familiar with selling to governments).

To Sum it Up: Don’t be Afraid to Get Started



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Adriana T. Torresan

Adriana T. Torresan


Product Management leader and consultant. Entrepreneur. Helping startups and SMBs to validate market needs and delight users with a fearless product strategy.