By Mila T. Torresan

The answer is simple.

Don’t ever stop talking to your customers… ever.

By talking to your customers, I mean doing qualitative research — customer discovery, surveys, usability tests, focus groups, customer feedback from the customer support team, or even having an informal conversation with a potential customer at a tradeshow…

Simply because startups are messy; they need PM support to stay focused on the big picture and on what truly matters to succeed and grow.

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

During my years as a startup founder and CEO, many times I found myself exhausted; I was wearing multiple hats, just like any other early-stage…

Adriana T. Torresan

Product Management leader and consultant. Entrepreneur. Helping startups and SMBs to validate market needs and delight users with a fearless product strategy.

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